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Utah- USA's fastest growing state in 2008

When I read that Utah is the new fastest growing state in the U.S., I remember the day my husband and I moved to Salt Lake City which was 5 months ago. It was very hard to find the apartment we wanted: 1-bedroom, pet-friendly, monthly rental not higher than $650, and close to his new workplace. We had to get an apartment guide book from a gasoline station and called different apartments on the list. Majority of the responses were "no vacancy". 

Between July 1, 2007 and July 1, 2008 the population in Utah increased by 2.5 percent to 2.7 million. Does it mean more people in Utah were born than died? or does the increase account mainly to the people moving from different states (like us, haha) due to the change in economic situation of the country. In 2007, it was Nevada  which is only a few hours away from Salt Lake City that was the fastest growing state. Aside from Nevada and Utah, 4 other Rocky Mountain states are among the top 10 fastest growing this year namely Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. Hmmm... I'm starting to think that more and more people are leaving the city lifestyle at this time of economic crisis and turning to the country life where cost of living is cheaper.

Here's U.S. Census Bureau's complete list of the top 10 fastest growing states and the percentage of their increase in population:

1. Utah- 2.5
2. Arizona- 2.3
3. Texas- 2.0
4. North Carolina- 2.0
5. Colorado- 2.0
6. Idaho- 1.8
7. Wyoming- 1.8
8. Nevada- 1.8
9. Georgia- 1.7
10. South Carolina- 1.7



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