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Research Before You Buy

On Saturday evening, I was ironing my husband's white shirt that he was going to wear for Church the following day. I like to spray clothes with water and steam them when ironing because it gets the job done faster. So I sprayed, steamed, sprayed, steamed. Then I noticed dark yellow streaks on the white shirt, Oh no! the shirt is stained! I turned off the iron and check it's bottom. Guess what I found out? It's starting to rust. It's probably due to the water that leaks from its water compartment. Argh! I can only remember the number of times I've used our iron since we got it as a present on our wedding day, 3? or maybe even just twice? I don't like ironing and only do so when some clothes that we need to wear on a special occasion are very wrinkled. Although we didn't spend anything for our iron, I still feel bad about not having used it for a long time and having to buy a new one. Lesson learned: know the quality of the product before spending bucks for it. I usually buy something when it's a little more expensive than the other brand because that makes me think that it's of higher quality but I'm starting to think that maybe you don't always get what you pay for.

There are also stuff that I do a research for first before buying especially when it's expensive such as home appliances that cost hundreds of dollars or some skin care products. I read different consumer reviews or buying guides on the internet. From consumer reviews you will know the pro's and con's of the product even before buying it based on other people's experience with the item. You'll just have to google "Reviews+name of the product" you're planning to buy. Buying guide websites such as also help in determining what factors to consider at inspecting the quality of an item. They also give some useful tips. Like if you buy an air conditioner, they will help you determine how much BTUs you need. As for my new iron, I found one that I like at ShopWiki.

So goodluck on your shopping and spend those $$ wisely :)



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