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What Do You Think Of Beyonce's Single Ladies Video?

Hi-cut one piece + high heels + sexy dance moves= smoking hot, unless you add a pair of thunder thighs to these 3 which is the case of Beyonce. I'm not saying that there's something wrong with Beyonce's thighs, in fact I think she looks sexiest in her Crazy in Love video in that part where she's wearing skimpy shorts and doing all those dance moves. But for most girls, high heels and swimsuit combo just looks good on slender thighs...and "normal" butts. And I think it looks gross (ok, maybe gross is a strong word) rather than sexy when she does that grind dance step (time 0:53-0:58). Girls with bodies like Beyonce's, Rihanna's, Tyra Bank's, or Kim Kardashian's dancing in fast tunes wearing only one piece and, worse, paired with high heels? Oh puhleezz!!! I would have at least liked it if Beyonce and the back up dancers were wearing jeans or maybe even miniskirt,or anything else, just not that one-piece. I love the part of Beyonce's Upgrade U video where she wears a sparkly dress, the Survivor video where she's wearing camouflage, or the Crazy in Love video where she's wearing a very short orange dress (that part where she occasionally licks her thumb) and  I'm grossed out (again, maybe that's too mean) with her videos where she dances in one-piece and heels. I love the Single Ladies song, but the video? I wish some slender artist did it like Jessica Simpson, or Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls.



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